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Perimeter protection system

SENSORPROOF is a fibre-optic perimeter protection system designed to prevent intrusions into sensitive infrastructures. It is a taut wire system...continua

Photovoltaic module anti-theft system

MICMAR PAKA: how to avoid the theft of photovoltaic modules.

A loop of the PFV fibre-optic sensor is inserted into the existing holes in the...continua

Long distance copper cable anti-theft system

COPPERSTOP is a system designed to protect up to 250-kilometre-long stretches of cables/power lines. COPPERSTOP can be installed ....continua

Short stretch copper cable anti-theft system

KABLE TRAP is a copper cable theft alarm which can be installed inside tunnels with continuous cover (such as railways), in PVC pipe cable ducts with access chambers and in metal....continua


MICMAR designs, manufactures and distributes security and anti-theft systems using fibre-optic sensors. The goal of MICMAR is to provide customers with systems that do not trigger false alarms and which are fast to install without needing expensive software calibrations.

MICMAR produces perimeter protection systems, photovoltaic module anti-theft systems and copper cable anti-theft systems. 


Avoiding false alarms is the real strength of MICMAR compared to other security systems. 

It is well known that, in addition to being a cost for more


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