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MICMAR fibre-optic anti-theft systems have been installed to protect infrastructures such as:

Military Airports

Civilian Airports


Nuclear Power Plants

Power Plants

Public Transport Depots

Telecommunications Equipment

Pipelines and Oil Fields


Photovoltaic parks of up to 1.5 GW of total power


And for major customers including Rfi, Enav, RGD, Enel, Liquigas, Eni, Infrabel, Adif, Gruppo Leonardo, Ansaldo, Mercedes, Gruppo FCA, Oto Melara, Sarpom, Sorgenia.


MICMAR anti-theft systems have been installed in Italy, Spain, Germany, Israel, Russia, Romania, Belgium, France, Albania, Algeria, Turkey, Tunisia, Ethiopia, Latvia and Bahrain.


For technical information and quotes, write to:

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