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The MICMAR COPPERSTOP system is an optical/mechanical trap used to prevent theft of copper cables.

COPPERSTOP is a system designed to protect up to 250-kilometre-long stretches of cables/power lines. COPPERSTOP can be installed inside tunnels with continuous cover (such as railways), in PVC pipe cable ducts with access chambers.

The MICMAR DCT fibre-optic sensor with rodent-proofreinforcement is laid parallel to the power wires and attached to them by means of clamps.

The COPPERSTOP SWITCH triggers an alarm if the cover is lifted even by just a few millimetres (see photo).

Any attempt to extract the MICMAR DCT sensor from the eyelets (see photo) to remove the copper cables will cause an alarm. 


The real peculiarity of the COPPERSTOP system is the use of a fibre-optic sensor to prevent false alarms.

COPPERSTOP is not affected by hail, thunderstorms, fog, sun, rain, strong wind, magnetic fields, electric fields and radio frequencies or, importantly, by vibrations of any type and frequency.

The system start-up cost after installation is zero. MICMAR MIKEprocessors – which are the real brains of the system – automatically calibrate COPPERSTOP and set the power according to the length of the installed DCT sensor cable.


The low consumption MIKEprocessors, battery-powered for 5 years, are installed in MULTIPLE MASTER - SLAVE configuration (from 3 to max. 250). 


The alarms from the MIKE processors are transmitted to the interface card connected to the alarm control centre (graphic maps can be implemented) and CCTV system. Alarms, including low battery warnings, are managed in zones. An alarm will be triggered in the event of an attempt to sabotage the batteries.

Alarms can be sent to a control centre located even hundreds of kilometres away.


COPPERSTOP does not need a fixed network for powering or sending signals, allowing a saving in terms of material and installation time.

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