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KABLE TRAP is a copper cable theft alarm which can be installed inside tunnels with continuous cover (such as railways), in PVC pipe cable ducts with access chambers and in metal cable ducts with or without covers.

KABLE TRAP protects the copper cables in chosen points, for stretches from 10 to 1000 metres long.


The MICMAR DCT fibre-optic sensor reinforced with rodent-proof steel reinforcement must be laid parallel to the power wires and attached to them by means of clamps. 

In each access chamber and/or along the cable ducts, the sensor cable is looped into eyelets fixed to the side walls or bottom of the cable duct and/or access chamber (see photo).


A Copperstop optical switch is installed under the cover of each access chamber (see photo). 




The Copperstop switch triggers an alarm if the cover is lifted even by just a few millimetres. Any attempt to remove the sensor cable from the eyelets to remove the copper cables will also cause an alarm.


KABLE TRAP ensures a 100% reliable alarm.
Like all MICMAR systems, KABLE TRAP is not disturbed by weather conditions, magnetic or electric and radio frequencies fields, and importantly by vibrations of any kind.

Avoiding false alarms is the real peculiarity of KABLE TRAP.

In addition to being a direct cost, false alarms are a huge issue for security personnel who need to assess in a few seconds whether to intervene or not to foil the break-in.  A system that continually triggers false alarms is not reliable.


KABLE TRAP uses very-low-power, battery-operated MICMAR MIKE processors (the batteries last for five years) meaning that it can be installed in:


MASTER-SLAVE configuration: up to two MIKE processors of which one TX and one RX. The cable is laid in-line between the two MIKE processors.


LOOP Configuration: one MIKE processor with TX and RX both on-board. The fibre-optic sensor is laid in a loop between TX and RX.


KABLE TRAP does not need wiring for supplying power or sending alarms.

MICMAR MIKE is connected to MICMAR GSM ALERT (GSM Dialer) which in case of alarm sends a customised text message to security personnel staff prompting them to take action on-site.

MICMAR GSM ALERT is also battery-powered and by using a photovoltaic panel (dimensions 10×6/8 cm) it stays charged for years.

A query text message can be sent to the MICMAR GSM ALERT card from an enabled mobile phone to monitor the entire system.


An additional option is to connect both a siren and a flasher, both also battery-powered, to the MICMAR GSM ALERT.


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