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MICMAR PAKA: how to avoid the theft of photovoltaic modules

Designed, manufactured and marketed by MICMAR, PAKA is an anti-theft system for photovoltaic panels.


A loop of the PFV fibre-optic sensor is inserted into the existing holes in the frame of the photovoltaic modules. The installation method is patented by MICMAR and ensures that the sensor cannot be extracted without triggering an alarm (caused by the decreased light travelling inside the fibre-optic sensor)

The loop configuration means the system is very fast to install.

By using of fibre-optic sensor, PAKA avoids false alarms. PFV sensor cable is not affected by the weather (hail, thunderstorms, fog, sun, rain, strong wind), by magnetic or electric fields, radio frequencies, or importantly by vibrations of any type.

Reliability is the real strength of PAKA compared to any other system.

In addition to being a direct cost for investors (surveillance services for photovoltaic fields are not comprised in basic subscriptions and billed separately), false alarms are a major issue for security personnel who need to assess in a few seconds whether to intervene or not to foil the breach in the infrastructure, which may be located far away. A security system that continually triggers false alarms is not reliable.


MICMAR offers two technical alternatives:


A) System with A005 processors, one for each alarm zone, powered by 12 V wire and connected to an alarm control centre of any brand and type. In this specific case, the fibre-optic sensor is looped both ways with TX and RX on the A005 processor.

B) Plant with battery-powered MIKE processors in MULTIPLE MASTER/SLAVE configuration (the batteries last for at least five years). Using battery-powered processors allows a considerable saving both in terms of installation days and material because preparing a network for powering the equipment and sending alarm signals is not needed.


PAKA is immediately activated. MICMAR processors with dedicated software – which is the real brain of the system – automatically calibrate system sensitivity according to the metres of PFV sensor installed between the PV modules.


All alarms from the MICMAR MIKE boards are transmitted to the interface board to be connected to the alarm control centre via the PFV sensor. Alarms, including low battery warnings, are managed in zones. Theft attempt can be filmed by a video surveillance system.


By installing PAKA it is possible to obtain discounts on insurance policies.


For further technical information and requests for quotes, please write to:

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