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MICMAR designs, manufactures and distributes security and anti-theft systems using fibre-optic sensors. The goal of MICMAR is to provide customers with systems that do not trigger false alarms and which are fast to install without needing expensive software calibrations.

MICMAR produces perimeter protection systems, photovoltaic module anti-theft systems and copper cable anti-theft systems. 


Avoiding false alarms is the real strength of MICMAR compared to other security systems. 

It is well known that, in addition to being a cost for investors, false alarms are a major issue for personnel who need to assess whether to intervene or not on the protected infrastructure.
 A system that continually triggers false alarms is not reliable for security personnel.


These results have been achieved over the years by capitalising on the experience of MICMAR Manager Federico Ciordinik and his team, who have been working on fibre-optics applied to security systems since 1980. 

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